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Commitment to innovation

SIDERZILLI’s forty-year experience in the production of steel products for reinforced concrete allows it today to offer itself ‒ as the exclusive agent of steel processing plants for the building industry ‒ as a qualified partner for the most dynamic companies, providing full assistance in strategic market assessment, integration in production processes and commissioning of new plants.

Plants for the production of BAMTEC concrete reinforcement

SIDERZILLI is an agent of BAM AG, an engineering company that patented the system for producing the revolutionary BAMTEC reinforcement carpets for floors and horizontal elements.

Processing plants for wire products

SIDERZILLI boasts consolidated relationships with leading manufacturers of machines for processing wire products. The production range includes drawing machines, cold rolling lines and straightening machines, lattice girder and mesh welding plants, plants for structural steel elements, spoolers and special zigzag shaping machines.

Plant reconditioning

SIDERZILLI assists its customers also with the controlled and guaranteed reconditioning of outdated plants and the regeneration of production lines.

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