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International success

BAMTEC is used worldwide to execute important architectural works, overcoming any project or technical-structural problem.
Futuristic shopping centres, residential and office complexes, sports facilities and production plants: here is an overview of the various applications that marked the success of this technology.

AFG Arena - ST. Gallen (CH)Milanofiori office centre - Assago (I)Battersea Reach - London (GB)Kyocera Mita head office - Meerbusch (D)”Il vulcano buono” shopping centre - Nola (I)Orion Building - Birmingham (GB)Joint Hospitals - Manchester (GB)RWE Tower - Dortmund (D)Home of FIFA - Zurich (CH)Melbourne Cricket Ground  - Melbourne (AUS)Head office of National Australia Bank - Melbourne (AUS)Audi production plant - Ingolstadt (D)

The integrated system for the fabrication of ready-assembled concrete reinforcement

BAMTEC is a revolutionary system for the prefabrication of rolled carpets which sets new standards of productivity in the manufacture of reinforcement for concrete beds and floors. BAMTEC innovation is possible thanks to patented production technology which integrates calculation and manufacturing phases to fabricate reinforcement that fully meets the specific design requirements. The application of the BAMTEC system allows to reduce laying times by up to 80% and to achieve material savings of up to 30% in weight.

Impianto per la produzione di armature BAMTECImpianto per la produzione di armature BAMTECImpianto per la produzione di armature BAMTECPlayer

“Carpet” reinforcement

Armatura a tappeto posizionata The basic elements of the BAMTEC system are “carpets” made up of steel bars of varying lengths and diameters (6-28 mm), connected by steel strips that keep them in place when they are rolled up as well as during the laying phase.
The particular configuration of the carpets allows them to be quickly laid by simply rolling out.

Calculation and design

Modello 3D dei carichi di un solaio BAMTEC carpets are designed using specific software that, on the basis of project static calculation, determines the diameter and position of the steel bars, optimizing the use of material and adjusting the shape of the carpets to the floor layout and the space requirements for pillars. In addition, the software generates the plans for production control, laying on site (rollout plan) as well as verifications by site engineer and tests.


Automated production

Sistema di gestione e controllo interamente computerizzato The BAMTEC welding plant is a fully-computerised system which directly processes the data from the calculation software.
It is fed by spools (up to 16 mm wire) and high ductility bars for larger diameters.
Carpets are between 6 and 15 metres long and their weight does not exceed 1200 kg.


Posa di un tappeto BAMTEC On site, the BAMTEC rolls are positioned and rolled out according to the roll-out plan: the final mesh is thus made up of two layers an upper one and a lower one which in turn are made up of two “crossed” carpets that are laid at a right angle. Appropriate spacers - usually welded lattice girders - keep the upper mesh layer in place thus establishing the floor height.



Compared to traditional reinforcement systems, BAMTEC technology offers unparalleled performance and efficiency: not only does it allow savings in terms of time and material, but it also offers flexibility, versatility and maximum safety (guaranteed by the full compliance with the engineer’s exact specification).
Thanks to the integration with various products for industrialised building (formwork for horizontal elements, pillar formworks, shear reinforcements, lightweight solutions) BAMTEC carpets allow to reinforce vast areas in a very short period of time (even 1000 sqm of complete reinforcement in one day).


Thanks to its features, the BAMTEC system is the ideal solution for concrete bed foundations, solid floors and hollow-core floors for any building purpose, from residential premises to shopping centres, offices and parking lots. The exceptionally fast laying times have also promoted its use in large works - such as roads, motorways, bridges and viaducts - where the building timeframe is a critical factor.Trasporto di tappeti BAMTEC su autoarticolato

More competition, more market

The BAMTEC system has established itself worldwide as the most rational and efficient system to build concrete beds, solid floors and hollow-core floors.
The perfect technological integration of the design, fabrication and laying stages allows any type of application - beyond the limits of traditional prefabrication systems - and makes BAMTEC the reinforcement technology for the future.

By introducing the BAMTEC system in the Italian market, SIDERZILLI offers itself as a strategic partner of enterprises with a forward-looking attitude to technology, offering its customers know how, full technological assistance (from plant installation to the production start-up stage) and commercial advice.

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